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Dear Neighbors,

The City Of Miami Beach is planning to install a Shared-Use Path along the entire perimeter of the Miami Beach Golf Course.  As part of the project, the city plans to replace the existing sidewalk on the south side of 34th Street between Prairie and Chase Ave with a 10 ft wide high speed Shared-Use Path where bicyclists, e-scooters, e-bicycles will speed towards Prairie Ave,  cross/overlap the Prairie Sidewalk and cut through the swale connecting to the south bound bike lane painted on the road. While a bicycle path along the perimeter of the Miami Beach Golf Course may add to bicyclist safety along Alton Rd and Dade Blvd, continuing the path along 34th street presents numerous problems.

 Please add your name to this petition asking the City of Miami Beach to do what is right for the local community. We will send the letter below on your behalf.

Dear City of Miami Beach,

I am writing to express my concerns regarding the proposed changes to the sidewalk on 34th Street, specifically between Prairie Ave and Chase Ave on the south side. I kindly request that you leave the existing 400 ft long, 5-foot-wide sidewalk for safe pedestrian use, and do not replace it with a 10-foot-wide shared-use path. The removal of this sidewalk would make the neighborhood less pedestrian friendly and goes against the modal prioritization strategy adopted by Resolution No 2015-29083 which calls for Pedestrians to be prioritized first.

By removing the existing sidewalk pedestrian safety will be diminished along the south side of 34th street as well as on Prairie Ave which has no sidewalk on the East side of the street. The path poses multiple public safety issues:

  1. Removes/replaces a sidewalk widely used by local pedestrians between Chase and Prairie Ave.
    1. Risk creating an environment similar to the Beach Walk where pedestrians are routinely at risk of conflict with bicyclists and scooterists.
    2. Pedestrians accustomed to using this sidewalk will no longer feel safe.
  2. Creates an unsafe environment at the southwest corner of 34th and Prairie where the Shared-Use Path crosses the Prairie Ave Sidewalk to merge onto Prairie Ave.
    1. Pedestrians walking north on Prairie Ave will not see bicyclists/e-scooterists coming given no visibility at the corner – there is a blind spot created by tall landscaping.
    2. Bicyclists/e-scooterists rounding the bend will not see pedestrians walking north until it is too late – there is a blind spot at the corner.
  3. Places bicyclists and e-scooterists at risk when crossing 2 driveways and 1 pedestrian gate hidden by landscaping along 34th

The 34st street and Prairie Ave sidewalks are widely used by local families, children, elderly, people walking dogs and are especially trafficked by pedestrians during the Sabbath. Removing the sidewalk will not enhance pedestrian safety and walkability.

In light of these concerns, I kindly urge you to preserve the existing sidewalk, ensuring the safety and convenience of the local community. Please end the shared use path at the top of the golf course – not at 34th and Prairie.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I trust that you will take my concerns into serious consideration.


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Ex: 1234 Prairie Ave

This section of path does not adhere the mode share goal and modal prioritization strategy adopted by Resolution No 2015-29083 which places pedestrians first and bicyclists second.


  1. Leave the existing pedestrian sidewalk on 34th Street intact. Adhering to the modal prioritization strategy adopted by Resolution No 2015-29083.
  2. End the Shared-Use Path at the top of the golf course – before the existing sidewalk.
  3. Paint Shared Lane Markings on 34th street.
    • 34th is not a busy street and is widely used by people on bicycles and e-scooters without any history of incident.